PROSuite® services is a 24 hour IT department that won't ask for a day off. Our complete list of services are not only here to meet your network needs, but the new ones that arise unannounced.

Network Administration: The Big Picture. We monitor and care for our clients' desktop computers, servers, LANs, and WANs, on an on-going basis. We take time to understand the big picture goals for each of our clients, and then implement technology that best suits our customers needs.

Consulting and Integration: True Cost-Savings. We provide strategic consulting to help our clients get the most out of their existing technologies. We then best align their technology decisions and purchases to further assist their business goals. Sometimes that means using systems that integrate Macs and PCs with your enterprise software suite.

Acquisition, Installation, Systems Maintenance. Savvy with our industry contacts, and strategic partnerships, ensures that when you need computers, network hardware or software upgrades, and or part replacements, we will make sure that this process happens quickly and efficiently. Our specialty is making sure that every piece of hardware and software is working harmoniously and well maintained.

Network Design: Getting the Most Out of Your Netork. If you inherited your exiting network, your business is growing, or just need a performance boost, let us work our magic. We take pride in our network design to both keep you productive and efficient. Savvy employees are current on the latest industry trends, the best practices, and will ensure that your network is anything but obsolete.

Help Desk and Remote Support. Ever wanted a 24 hour help desk that does not take vacation or go out to lunch? Then you want Savvy. We are available around the clock to assist you when any issue occurs. Whether you are in the office or halfway around the world, thanks to cutting edge software, and our highly skilled specialists, we are available to solve any problems that you may have.

Web-Enabled Databases. Are you using Access, Excel or FileMaker databases in your daily workflow? Ever wish you could share that data with other departments, colleges, or clients? Web enabled databases help you accomplish more by making your data available to the web. Give us a call and get a quote you might be surprised at how affordable it is.

Staff Training: Our Personal Touch. If you have any training needs, or just have clients and customers that could use a refresh on the latest business tools give us a call. We seek to constantly improve our client's uses of and relationships with the technology that supports their business needs.

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